Towards the end of December 2012 I started to contemMeplate the coming new year and decided that it was time to challenge myself to a year long project. The idea really just started out as a portrait project that had no dead line attached. But, the more I thought about it the more I knew I would have a hard time getting it going and keeping it going. I tend to work better under some form of pressure and to that end I decided that a 365 style project would help keep my toes to the fire.

After a few nights of contemplation I also realized I needed something more to keep it interesting for me as the idea of a portrait a day was pretty much my job description… and I knew that there would be days it would be impossible or put unreasonable pressure on my family to get that daily photo.

So, I added a few extra conditions to make it a little more unique and challenging at the same time.

1) All the photos would be taken using the hipstamatic app on my iPhone.
2) Instead of one portrait a day it would be 2013 over 365 days. That comes to about 5.515 portraits everyday.
3) Knowing that there would be days when it just wouldn’t be possible to take any portraits I am allowing myself flexibility on the number per day. As long as I have 2013 portraits by December 31, 2013, I will have succeeded.

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